Current Writing Projects – April 2018

Now, this is a post that I want to try and do once a month.  I guess I’m setting a precedent that it’ll happen in the first week of the month, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

So let’s get into it.

What I’m Doing

There are a couple of different items on the list of things that I’m doing now.  None of them are that developed because I only started setting these goals about a week ago, so it’s been a little bit of a roller coaster trying to get everything settled and the goals realistic.

The first major thing on my list is actually this blog!  I had been running another blog for a long time (which has been pulled down later due to second-hand embarrassment), and I just hadn’t felt satisfied with what I had done there.  So when I was looking at new writing goals, one of the first was setting up a new blog and finding a new format in which to talk about writing.  So far, so good.  I guess.  It’s been two blog posts.

The second major thing is a story that I’m working on.  It’s a fantasy story called The World is Written that I tried to write about when I was in high school.  I want to talk more about the origins of the story in another blog post though because it is very interesting (to me).

The third major plan is something that doesn’t quite exist yet.  I’ve been doing a lot of writing over the years and there’s always a couple of ideas floating around in my head.  This means that there’s always a new story brewing in my head.  I’ve been slowly gathering the pieces for a new story.

And besides that, I’m not doing a ton else so far.  But there’s a lot I want to do, so let’s talk about that.

What I Want to Do

There are several creative things that I want to do.  To go over what I had been doing for briefly, I want to keep up this blog.  Two to three blog posts is the goal for every week.  But we’ll see if I get there.  For TWiW, I want to get a couple thousand words done at least.  For that second story that I want to work on, I want to get a solid outline done.

New things are also included.  There’s a lot that I want to do creatively and so I’m going to include some non-writing goals here.  I want to do more painting.  I want to crochet, knit, and cross stitch a little bit more.  I want to get my office set up in a way that involves less clutter and allows me to feel much more comfortable in the space.  I want to keep my planner working and make sure that I’m keeping track of everything going on in my life.

There’s a lot of little things.  There’s a lot of reading goals, a lot of writing goals, a lot of creative goals.  There’s a lot to consider when I’m trying to get this part rolling and that means also paying attention to what’s also demanding my attention.

Removing Distractions

I get distracted easily.  I like playing Minecraft after a stressful day at work and I like sitting on my couch and zoning out with “The Office” playing just perpetually in the background.  Sometimes, I sit down and just turn on a podcast and stop doing other things.

So when it comes to this month, I’m trying to cut down on the distractions.  This doesn’t mean removing time where I sit and do nothing.  You have to have some of that time.  You have to sit down and think about something other than everything that’s in your head.  You have to focus on just being sometimes.  I don’t want to cut it out fully, but I’m going to try and limit it a little more than I have been doing.

This may be limiting myself to two episodes of Friends rather than twelve playing constantly while I’m sitting down and working on other things.

There are going to be some distractions that never go away such as work and sleep and chores, but I guess that’s just something I’m going to have to live with.