A Story’s Origin: The World is Written

I’ve written a lot of stories over the years, but one of the weirdest origin stories for me was how I originally came up with The World is Written.  Before I talk about the specifics of my story’s origin, I wanted to talk about origins.

This is a huge disclaimer for this blog post and any others that I make in this vein.  It doesn’t matter where your story came from.  It doesn’t matter what made it happen.  It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ other people think it is.  But that is also to say that it does matter where it came from.  The origins of your story matter.  But the quality that people ascribe to that origin doesn’t.  Write the stories that you are excited about.

Now, back to my story’s origin.  The first time I came up with the images that would become TWiW was back when I was in high school.  That was only 4 years ago that I graduated, but it feels like quite the lifetime.  In all reality, it was probably closer to 6 years ago now that I came up with the first images of this story.

I was sitting at home, listening to Video Games Live.  There was one song that I listened to over and over again.  It was the Myst Medley.  Myst is a set of video games that are for the PC.  They’re beautiful, full of puzzles, and had this rich atmosphere that came from the music.  I was fascinated with the songs on the track.  I can still name which games some of the songs are from.

But it was a song that was constantly playing in my headphones.  After spending several weeks obsessed with this song, I started looking into the other songs from Video Games Live.  And that’s where I found the Halo Suite track.  If you’ve never listened to the Halo Suite, my god are you missing something.  It’s a great song, incredibly powerful and beautiful.  I’ve never played Halo, but this song means something for me.

And that was when I started to see TWiW in my head.  As the music builds, you see the open expanse of land, this valley.  You see the blue-grey light of the world.  Then you see the tower in the center of it all.  The crescendo builds and drops as you see the rest of the world, the war slowly building below.

The heroine is in the grass, hiding just out of sight, watching the scene unfold before her.  You reach the first drop.  The war becomes real.  The threat becomes real.  And the heroine takes off running over this low wall into the building in the center of this field, with people behind her.

The music lulls and drops to something deep and with vocals over it.  And then you’re immersed in this giant library.

And that was the image that I started with.  From there, the song gets more energetic and the different versions of the story have taken that energy in so many different ways, but that was the beginning of this story.  To some extent, this is still the beginning that I imagine.

There’s a mysticism to the music that I heard in the Halo Suite and in the Myst Medley that leaked its way into the writing of this story.  It’s been one about other worlds, epic battles, discovering what it means to be in this world and discovering what it means to overcome the worst experiences that a human can be put through just to find themselves face to face with some sort of higher power.

The World is Written is one of my great story loves.  There are several of them, but behind OMEGA (a story that I will talk about another day), TWiW is the next one.  It has been around a long time.  The main character, Alexia, has been one that’s been with me through thick and thin and she’s not one that I’m going to let go of anytime soon.

I’m so thoroughly excited that this is the story that decided it was worthy of my time.  It is exciting to revisit that story and all of the worlds that it entailed.