Organized Enough

Well, this is appropriate to start writing about today.  If you don’t know I write these blogs in advance and queue them up.  And while I was sitting down to start outlining and working on this blog I was taking a break at work.  A break where I realized that I didn’t bring my wallet with me to work. Which just made me feel like an idiot.

But I digress.

I wanted to write today about what I learned by reading the book Organized Enough.  It was an interesting book about making spaces functional instead of trying to make them look like Instagram posts.  And there was a lot that resonated with me. Part of what is currently resonating is that my space doesn’t necessarily work that well with me.

Life Dictates Function

While we have certain ideas about how homes should work, we don’t always really think them through.  You eat eggs and bacon at breakfast. You have a dining room table. Your bed has to be centered in your space.  Your closet should be organized by doing X, Y, and Z.

But there’s so much more to your space than what people say you should be doing.  Your space is, well, yours. So it should go without saying that you should be trying to make it work for you.  If you live with other people, then it will be a compromise, but if you’re like me, then you’ll only have to worry about yourself.

Your space should work for what you use it for.  If you are forgetting little things (like your wallet, your keys, your planner, etc.), then you’re going to want to redesign your space so that you’re not as likely to forget things.  This may mean adding a shelf on the wall somewhere or adding a new side table somewhere. It may just mean setting a regular spot where you set down all of your things. This can be a complicated problem because of the fact that it fully depends on what you need.

When it comes to me trying to figure out how to make everything work in my normal life, I find that it’s a lot of trial and error.  I’ve been slowly shifting around furniture and organization systems, working on one area at a time. While I would love to get my office cleaned and optimized, my current project is my living room.  I’ve been slowly shifting around the furniture, which might have contributed to the fact that I couldn’t remember to grab my wallet before I left this morning.

But it’s just a slow and steady kind of thing.  This isn’t a thing that I will be able to do on my own and immediately.  It will take a focus and some time before the space can really work. And while I’m not using everything that was mentioned in Organized Enough, I am adapting as many of the concepts as I can into the way that I’m living my life so that I can optimize what I do and maybe give myself an extra ten minutes to work on writing.

Cleaning Everything Out (AKA Spring Cleaning?)

One of the things that came to light for me during this book was that I really need to be going through everything that I own.  While I don’t have a ton of stuff, I do feel like I have a lot of things. I own a lot of notebooks and pens and books and blankets and these things sometimes feel like too much and enough at the same time.  I try very hard to not buy too much for my space, but there are just little things that I like having around. Like notebooks. I recently purchased new notebooks because I’m traveling and I didn’t have the right notebooks for traveling.  The ones I had were too thick or too large in dimensions for the small purse that I’m taking. So I found some that fit better. And while I will have extras, I will make use of them eventually.

The problem is cutting myself off.  Maybe it’s about cutting down on the books in my to-read pile.  Maybe it’s about not purchasing more notebooks until I don’t have one that works or am running out of paper.  Maybe it’s just about de-cluttering in a way that doesn’t get rid of everything I have.

I don’t want to try and get rid of all the things that I love.  That’s not what I’m about. I just want to make sure that my space works for me.

The Lifestyle Fads

I want to end on this note.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that are trying to tell us what we should or should not be doing with our homes and our meals and our outlook.  People want us to conform to them or be the ‘best us’ that we can be. It’s not terrible to listen when people suggest something. It’s not terrible to suggest that people try something new.  But don’t feel like you have to give in and get into something new every single day.

If you listened to every fad, then you would be living a very confused and conflicting life.  There are lifestyles that won’t work for you. If after a solid week, things still aren’t working, then don’t feel bad about trying something else.  You don’t have to commit to something that doesn’t work. Living alone and don’t have friends over? Don’t buy a dining room table and see if that space can do something else for you.  Like having friends over? Then focus on that dining room.

Your lifestyle doesn’t have to fit into an Instagram post, I promise.