About the Writer

Hello there!

I’m sure that you’re not really all that interested in knowing every single detail of my life.  Instead, I think you’re more interested in what experiences I’ll be bringing to the table.

Let’s start simple:

  • Graduated college in 2016 with a degree in creative writing and technical writing
  • Working as a content strategist as a full-time job
  • Working as a freelance editor on the side


To get more specific:

  • Participated in NaNoWriMo since 2010
  • Loves reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy
  • Plays a Sword Saint in a current Pathfinder game (but has also played a druid and an oracle)
  • Enjoys video games of all kinds, but is playing Minecraft (Homestead modpack) the most because I only have so much attention to give at once
  • Currently in the drafting process for one story, and outlining a second


The short and the long of it is that I am a writer.  I do writerly things.  I’m a huge nerd, too.  There’s a lot that will come out of this blog and none of it will ever really make sense.  And that’s what I’m most excited about.