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Time to Roll Up My Sleeves

I would never say that I think of this blog as something too serious. I want to provide content, but I’m fine with going silent. The goals I set and the ideas that I have to provide here are mine.

But sometimes I forget that this can also be something larger than just me. My blog can provide insight to other people, but the first thing I have to do is provide that insight to begin with. So as I sit on my couch tonight, March 31st, I decided to sit down and write again. I’m not sure that this blog will ever be anything more than my own ramblings, but I feel like that might be enough.


April starts tomorrow. I’m terrified. I’m jumping back into taking care of my mental health and working on creating physical knit items. But April brings about the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo. I have tried so hard to be a good writer, but every day, I find myself wanting to not touch my own projects and instead work on knitting and video games and reading. There’s nothing to be ashamed about there. Those things are also what I enjoy.

But this month, I’m going to try to make it all work. 1,667 words a day, read 4 books, work on knitting projects daily, keep my home clean, stay well-rested and relatively well fed.

This won’t be an easy time for me. I will not be excited about every single day. But after this, I’ll find out if I am able to do everything. And maybe if I can do it for one month, I can do it for two. And if I can do that, I can do more.

Here’s to a new month. Here’s to a new try.

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Hi there, it’s inconsistent me

I could apologize for being gone for so long. I could tell you all the excuses that I have built up over the month and a half that I’ve been gone. I could give you a picture of my cat to make the lost time seem more acceptable.

But I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to commit myself to do better writing more often. I keep making excuses for not doing so, whether it’s the blog or working on any of the stories that I have in process.

So let’s get back to something more consistent, if not in content, then in timing.

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WCI 1-29-19: Closer Still

Now since I missed the January wrap up post last week, my writing obviously isn’t going that great but I will say that it’s not hopeless for me and my writing.

My office is slowly shaping up. I’m in the process of getting everything organized and getting rid of redundant supplies and organizing the stuff that I still want. Its going to take a while to finish, but the space is already making me excited to work on all the creative projects that I had put on hold. I might have some pictures next week of what I’m doing.

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RW&P: Tales of Vesperia

Let’s start this off by saying that I haven’t played Tales of Vesperia.  I have it downloaded onto my switch and it’s staring at me.  But I haven’t played it yet.  So why am I talking about it at all?

Well it’s because I love the Tales games.  They’re a cult hit series with standouts coming from titles like Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Zesteria, and Tales of Xillia.  And while those three games are great, there is a lot more to the group of games in the series.  Now when I say series, I mean series like Final Fantasy.

Some of these games may be connected, but the majority of them are not.  Vesperia was one of the games that slipped my radar when I was starting to play these games (because I was a kid and therefore had almost no real radar).  So the reason I’m talking about this game is because of the excellent opportunity that this is offering me.

It is a chance to see into the games that other people liked from that time period. It is a chance to play something that meant so much to so many others.  It is a chance to get a game that would have never been available to me easily elsewhere.

It is a huge thing to me that the Tales game is on the Switch.  The Tales games are all over the consoles, but I didn’t think I would be seeing one for the Switch since many of the most recent titles have been only on PlayStation 3 and 4.  I played Symphonia on the Gamecube.  Some of the older ones were on other PlayStations.  There are some that were exclusive to some handheld systems.

I thought the leap toward PlayStation 4 made sense.  The console does well.  But the fact that Vesperia made it to the Switch means so much.  It means that a game series that I grew up loving is getting the respect that I always thought it deserved.

So no matter how you find it, I would suggest that you try one or two or three of the Tales games. 

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My Planner for Week 4 of 2019

If you noticed, yesterday’s blog post came out late and without a picture and this one is also coming out without a picture. And I can promise you that the RW&P that I put up tomorrow is also not going to have a picture on it.

And that’s the thing that I want to talk about. Last week, I used my planner a couple of days well and then after that, I kept forgetting that the planner existed. It was buried in my backpack in a place that I didn’t think to pick it up.  I wasn’t writing either, which I already wrote about very…briefly yesterday.

I have had a lapse in organization and life.  It wasn’t bad.  I was just everywhere.  I was cleaning my home, hanging out with a friend that doesn’t live in the area and trying to find time to do anything that I needed to do.  I got my writing done for the blog, but there wasn’t much else that I could schedule in my life.

I’m not going to say that I didn’t have lazy days that I could have fixed.  I definitely could have fixed those.  I just didn’t.  I needed those couple of hours to cope with the world around me and deal with what was happening in my life.

Now that I’m out here on the other side of that, I am actually struggling to reintegrate my planner.  The best way I’ve found to do this is to just set alarms.  I alert myself to use the planner at the end of the day.  I try to remind myself every single time I’ve finished something.

Getting back on track isn’t easy.  I’ll figure it out.  I’ll find a way to make everything work, but it’s going to take some time and a ton of energy.