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My Planner for Week 3 of 2019

This week I’m doing something dramatically different.  I don’t have any pictures to share.  This is because despite the fact that I’ve been using a planner more and more frequently, I didn’t plan for a sudden emergency at work draining me of the energy that I had when I was going to sit down and write this.

And I guess that’s what I wanted to talk about.  Regardless of what the #bujo community is doing out there or what any of the other planner centric accounts tell you, there’s a point where a planner can’t contain every contingency plan.  There’s no shame in letting go of your normally scheduled activities to handle things that pop up.  In fact, I would be worried if you didn’t break from your planner if things came up.

Not to cut this short, but I’ve only got so long to write this and get the image ready.  My planner will still be going.  And next week, I’ll be able to share more of what I was doing to make the planner work for me.

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My Planner for Week 2 of 2019

So one week later and I think I’ve got the planner under control finally. My spreads from last week worked for every day except for the weekend when I needed something a little less intense.

This planner is still taking some getting used to. I’m not sure how I feel about the box layout that I’ve put together. But it serves a pretty good purpose.

I tried some washitape, but the layout didn’t allow for much more than narrow tape.

While I did try to stay minimalistic with the design and colors, I did find myself missing the multitude of colors that I put into my planners and bullet journals before this. Washi tape additions to the planned will take some reformatting, so that might have to wait for another week.

Overall, the spreads were kind of boring because I hadn’t found a good way to add color.

This week, I’m focused on making it just a little more colorful and instead focusing more time on cleaning up my apartment and getting other parts of my life organized. It’ll take some time and work, but I’m sure that a neat planner will work.

This week is about adding color to the spread. This is Monday’s spread from before I filled it in.

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My Planner for Week 1 of 2019

Going into 2019, I wanted to have a new planner. I had another one that I was using before, but I wasn’t sure that I liked it. So I opted for a new planner, the Hobonichi Techo planner. In the past, I’ve done bullet journaling for my planner, but I wanted to make sure that I had time to do other things instead of just using my planner.

It’s a very different setup than what I was used to, so I took pictures before I had done much to the pages. I’ll be adding some final pictures of the week to next week’s update to show off what I ended up doing and to compare with the changes that I’ll be making for the next week.

A new planner is like a new notebook, intimidating to write in at first. But I’ll figure it out eventually.

I will say that I love how spacious the pages are even though this planner is small. I’m still trying to figure out how much of my personal and professional life will mix in this, but it’ll be a good planner, regardless of what I do.